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7 years ago

PBS On Demand

Why isn't PBS included in the networks list of On Demand? How am I supposed to watch a PBS show that I missed? I was told that I would be able to watch any show On Demand that was shown on any network in my channel list.  Also, I did post this same question yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared. Where did it go?

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    I discovered the hard way PBS doesn't have on-demand.  I wanted to watch The Vietnam War but it was only available via Internet.  I had to install the PBS app on my Roku...get an Activation Code...go to said Code...and it worked.  Oh, I also entered a bogus email address.  I don't want to hear from PBS.

    PBS seems to move programs from Available-to-Everyone to Available-to-Contributors-Only.  I think it's automatic.  If you frequently watch a series, they'll automatically add the prerequisite to force you to donate.  Just tough it out and they'll eventually remove it.  It took me almost 6 months to watch a miniseries.