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5 years ago

Pace XiD not detecting 4K UHD?

I went into:

Device Settings -> Video Display

in my Contour 2 / Pace XiD box and it is showing "4K UHD Undetected".Settings

My equipment:

- Denon AVR-X4700H

- Cox Contour 2 box (Pace XiD)

Why is the box not detecting 4K UHD when all of my equipment is fully capable AND all settings in the TV and AVR are set to enable the highest resolution (4K)?

I'm also using all certified premium 18Gbps HDMI cables.

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    Your XiD is detecting an UHD device but for some reason, the brand name isn't resolving.  The device could either be your UHD TV or your AVR.  How is your equipment connected?  How is your Contour connected?

    Did you successfully pair the TV to your Contour remote?  You could try another remote code to force a brand-name resolution.

    As for your Denon, you could following the instructions in this post:

    I believe the only place to receive UHD programming from TV networks is South Korea.  There are zero TV stations or networks in the US broadcasting UHD programming.  You can install 10K-certified  equipment, but the best resolution you'll receive from cable TV is "2K."

    If you want UHD content, you'll either need to stream or install a Blu-ray player.

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      I have all of my source devices connected to the AVR using premium, certified HDMI cables.  I did successfully pair the TV to the Contour remote.  The remote is now able to power the TV and AVR and and off and change the AVR's volume.

      Both the AVR and TV are 2020 models that are compatible with HDMI 2.1.

      So that's the thing I'm confused about; in the screenshot above from the Contour 2's settings / menu; will that only show that 4K UHD is detected if the Contour 2 is receiving 4K UHD content from the service provider (ie, Cox)?

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        No.  This screenshot is only for connected hardware.  I'm unsure what "System" means, but I'll assume it refers to the headend at Cox.  The headend at Cox is probably identifying, "Hey, Cale Box, I'm capable of HD content.  [That's good because I'm also capable of HD.]

        Your Pace box is HD-capable and it's connected to a UHD-capable device.  I wrote "device" because Contour can't resolve Denon as a display (video) device.  On the Video Display page of my Contour, it resolved Samsung because Samsung is a display device.

        That's why I suggest changing codes to force its manufacturer but it works, you'll only see it don't mess with it.

        TV networks don't broadcast UHD programming.  Sometimes on special occasion...yes...such as Super Bowls, World Series, Olympics, etc.  However, Cox would need to dedicate a channel frequency to UHD programming and as of now, they don't.