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4 years ago

Orange County, CA - TNT went from channel 1018 to 1003?

Seeing that TNT went from being channel 18 (SD) and 1018 (HD) to 3 (SD) and 1003 (HD). When checking and searching for TNT it shows 3 and 1018 still....seems strange that there is a difference between the SD and HD channels....and that the channel guide online is wrong. Which is right?

If TNT *IS* supposed to be 1018, how does that get reported?

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    Hi @Mvalpreda,

    I can understand how this change has caused some confusion for you. As of 2/17/21 TNT has moved to channel 3 from 18. All of the channels are HD, so you can use channel 1003 or channel 3. Either one will work. I hope this clears things up for you.

    Ben S.
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