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6 years ago

ongoing television service failure - Irvine, CA


So I've contacted customer support multiple times about this and no long term solutions have been provided. Certain channels just don't work and the two technicians who've visited say that there are two core problems: 1) the amplifier is weak, and 2) there is a leftover cable trap somewhere in the building. Both technicians have recommended that a maintenance crew come resolve the issue but two years later, we're still stuck with this garbage: . Can we finally fix this already? It's kind of stupid that we pay for cable then end up having to stream the respective channels online and Chrome Cast them to our TV because the television service is sh*t. 7000 building at Apricot Drive, Irvine, CA. What's it going to take to finally get this resolved - going on year two now.. 


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  • Hi Ilg. To get assistance with getting your issue resolved, please email and include your complete address, name on the account and description of your issue and we will be glad to help get this resolved. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator