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2 years ago

No sound during Bravo and E shows, just during commercials

I have reviewed the posting on this issue and none of them work. Bravo and E go to commercial and when they come back there is no audio. We got no help from COX. We replaced the Vizio TV with a $2,000 Sony, same problem. We replaced the set top module today, same problem. Have not replaced the Modem, but that would be the second modem in 6 months. Also, the reset from Cox did not affect this problem. 

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    i assume you have your cable-box connected to the TV via HDMI, and you're listening through the TV speakers.

    What are your audio settings on the cable-box?

    Contour button > Settings (gear icon) > Device Settings > Audio > HDMI Audio Output

    Do you have enhanced audio settings enabled on your TV?