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5 years ago

No Online Offers - New Customer

I am a new customer, for about a month now and when I signed up via the phone, I signed up for 300MBPS internet. I was recently doing some cost comparisons and the online portal gives me the following message: "We are unable to find an online bundle with your current filter selection. If you would like this specific bundle, please call 1-800-818-0679 to order this bundle combination via phone."

When I call on the phone I'm told I cannot have television becuase you don't service TV in this area, which obiously makes no sense considering our neighbors have COX.  When I talk to someone online, (two seperate times) ,they both give me to different quotes.

I don't want to sign up via phone or internet, I want to be able to look at offers online and make my own determinations.  Nobody will tell me WHY i cannot access offers online, being that I'm a new customer, I should have the ability to alter my plan as needed in the way of adding new services.  What is going on? Why am i getting different answers and who is going to fix my online portal so i can look at the offers available to me.

If i do not sign in and I check this adress, I am able to sign up for a whole host of services, so I'm not sure why once I sign in, all that goes away.

Thank you1

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