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6 years ago

No HD On Demand?

I have no HD options in the On Demand program guide.  Until two days ago, I had the choice of picking HD or non-HD versions of most movies and TV shows.  For example, for Game of Thrones I could pick "S1:E1" or "SI:E1 HD", but now all of the HD options are gone.  All On Demand shows and movies are standard definition only, and appear in letterbox.  Nothing else is affected: only On Demand is missing HD.

Also, the On Demand channel guide video in the upper-left corner that normally shows Camille Ford with previews of movies and shows is just blank now.  There's no video playing at all.

I called tech support yesterday about this but still have no resolution.  I reset my two boxes a couple times myself, and the support techs also reset the boxes remotely with no luck.  The tier 2 tech support guy also reloaded the channel lineup for my boxes but that didn't fix the problem either.  He did say he was able to replicate my problem, but if that's the case I would have expected to see some kind of resolution or notice of an outage: nothing, so far.

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    Having the same problem. Went out to On Demand an hour ago and noticed there was no "HD" suffix to the show names. Wasn't concerned because it's supposedly all HD now. But apparently not on On Demand. Why am I not surprised the Cox techs had no idea of this. Guess I'll call it in; maybe more complaints will result in a quicker resolve.

    Re Camille Ford in the upper left, I've often gone to On Demand and there was no video playing.    

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      Well, Camille is back now, so that's progress...still no luck with HD On Demand.

  • We are aware of an issue impacting our original contour on demand platform with HD titles at this time. We are working to restore these titles.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      The HD titles seem to be working now.  Thanks!

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        Hi DibbleDop, thanks for letting us know! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator