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7 years ago

NHL Center Ice programming .....

I saw another thread which asked some similar, but different questions to mine, but it appeared to be "locked" as a thread.

Like another customer, I want to know WHY we are no longer are able to get more than ONE showing of any particular Center Ice hockey game ?  In the past, we could watch it several more times, during the initial 24 hour window, thereby allowing folks who possibly work late night shifts (or folks who were gone for the evening) to still see the ENTIRE game.  They were able to use the Center Ice channels, and didn't have to try to HOPEFULLY find THAT game over on the NHL Network (as one of your moderators "suggested").  First off, out of 5-8 nightly Center Ice games offered, the NHL network channel MIGHT re-broadcast ONE of those games, and sometimes none.  So the chances of a person finding THEIR game is sketchy, at best.  And the reason we pay good money for Center Ice, is to have our product all in ONE SPOT, rather than going on a scavenger-hunt for it.

Also,  many times, I try to DVR record a game, and watch it later, as I have a youngster that doesn't make it easy to watch the games during the LIVE version of it.  It was great.  Worked flawlessly.  But this year and last year, sometimes it works (it records), many times it doesn't.  NO CONSISTENCY to it, whatsoever !!   In years past, it ALWAYS worked.  And there is NOTHING wrong with my DVR, as it works flawlessly when recording all other TV network programming.

If Cox, or NHL Center Ice (they each blame each other) are going to DECREASE the level of services (see above) from what we USED TO HAVE(for the SAME price), then DECREASE what we are charged.  Customers always look at the "value" they are getting for the money they spend.  In this case, we're going backwards !!  Technology in our world is increasing daily, yet we have providers removing standards that we have come to expect from NHL Center Ice.  If prices need to increase a little bit, we get that.  But don't subtract what we already had, for the SAME price.

And please don't lay this at the feet of someone else (as some of the other moderators basically did).  As I said earlier, reps from both Cox and NHL Center Ice just blame each others' company.  Customers get tired of no one ever taking responsibility for these types of decisions.  Pass this along to whoever makes these ill-conceived decisions.  Things like this, lead customers towards "cutting the cord" and/or looking elsewhere for another of the 3 - 4 NHL packages, offered by other providers.  Maybe cable companies don't care about losing customers, but SOMEONE at the top of these companies DO CARE.  They just never wind up reading these comments. Sad !

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