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6 years ago

NBA League Pass Digital Activation

In past years where I have purchased NBA League Pass through Cox, I've been able to go to the NBA website and activate "Digital" access to NBA League Pass.  This means I get access to viewing NBA games through the NBA app on my phone, the NBA website, and AppleTV.    After purchasing League Pass this year (in October 2018), I've gone to the NBA website for people who have "already subscribed" to turn on the Digital League Pass access, but Cox isn't listed as a provider that is participating.  Is this just something Cox hasn't gotten around to yet since it's still preseason, or is this something that is no longer possible?

The NBA website to activate League Pass is here:  Once that loads you click Choose Provider.

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    Typically providers have to be given access to allow online viewing and content. While reading through the link you provided, I found a section that states the follow:
    Below are quick links to the support teams for our partners, and an overview of the subscriptions that each partner currently offers. If you do not see your provider, select Contact Us at the bottom of this page to reach the NBA League Pass Support team. Please be prepared to provide a proof of purchase and to create an NBA Account.

    Were you able to contact NBA League Pass Support? If not, I suggest emailing them first.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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