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5 years ago

Moved out of COX service area, equipment turn in

I recently moved from Tucson, AZ to NH. With COVID, there was no walk-in to the local store & turning in the equipment.

On 4-15-20, I talked to COX abuut turning in the equipment. I had expected him to send me a prepaid UPS label. He said no, he would send me preaddressed UPS boxes for me to put the gear in and take to the local UPS store. I schleppped this gear across th ecountry to NH. Three weeks later, it's almost the end of April and no boxes.

How do I turn in this gear?

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  • It may have been sent to the old address by accident if they did not update the shipping information properly. It should have been there by now typically. We can send a new return box (which will come with a return label), just send us an email to with your service address and your new home address.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator