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6 years ago

Missing Episode Poldark Season 4

Poldark on Masterpiece Season 4, episode 6 is missing. It was supposed to air this past Sunday. The episode list skips over it now.
Also, when are shows put in On Demand after first airing? I'm finding I have to do more recordings here because they aren't in On Demand quickly. 
Thanks for any help!

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  • As far as I can see none of the episodes of this show are available from on demand at this time (Except for purchase from a contour 2 receiver). It looks like PBS has it available on their website at the moment though

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      I'm not talking about On Demand - when you pull up the show on the menu for Poldark and select episodes, it lists all of them except for episode 6. Yes, it is not available on On Demand but would like to record that episode - although probably too late now. But why are all the other episodes for Season 4 listed, except for episode 6?

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        Hi Knutwich, make sure you are searching for "Poldark On Masterpiece" instead of just "Poldark". If Season 4 Episode 6 is not listed, it means that episode is not scheduled to air in the 2 weeks. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator