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7 years ago

Mini Set Box

The Sinc between voice and lips do not match and it switches from English to Spanish without me changing anything. The mini box remote is set correctly and the tv setting are set to english.  This has happened with two mini boxes and 2 tv which are on the same cable connection.  I have not had any trouble on the 3 other mini boxes i  have.

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  • Hello Henrylb,

    I recommend unplug the power to the two min boxes and reconnect the ends of the coax to the wall and the mini boxes. Once the power is reconnected and the boxes load, please go into the receiver settings and turn Sap off, then back on. Steps to turn SAP off/on are found on our website.

    If this doesn't work, then the Mini boxes may need to be replaced at a Cox Solution Store. is a link to our website with a map of store locations. You may need to enter your local information on the top right to get a local map.