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4 years ago

Lost all local channels???

Was watching local FOX 10 special Local broadcast of the Cardinals, Dallas game and the picture became pixelated/gone.. Then I found that I get the "Try again in a few minutes" error message for all my local broadcast channels. All other "Cable Channels" and all Premium channels work just fine. Support couldn't remedy and kicked to a field service rep to come out.. Anyone have this crazy issue??? Is the DVR toast? 

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    Hi MJW,

    I was trying to watch the WS on FOX local channel last night with the same "pixel" issue as well. Same remedy for tech support by sending someone out later on today. Turned on the tv this morning and the local channel isnt even available. So we'll see.  Wish Cox wouldnt outsource their tech support either, too many techs that dont speak english fluently.