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4 years ago

Is there a way for 2 people to share a Contour 24 DVR so each only sees the programs they recorded?


I am thinking of switching from a 2 Tivo system to a Whole Home Cox setup, using the Contour 24 DVR. My question is, is there a way for my wife and I to use the same Cox DVR but she only sees the recorded shows she wants to and I only see the ones I want to see. In other words, can we have the equivalent of separate profiles like Netflix offers? Or failing that, is there a way to filter shows in some way, perhaps by being able to "tag" the ones only I want to view on the recorded shows list. 


Rob from AZ

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    @AZrob, Hello, the Cloud Ultimate DVR that you are referring to does not have the option of tagging your shows or separating the shows that you and your wife would record Let us know if you have any further questions.
    Ben S.
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