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6 months ago

I really hate Cox!

I'm a pretty mild mannered guy, but whenever I have to call Cox, I get enraged. I can never understand the person I'm talking to, and it's always an hour long ordeal. 

Most recently my bill increased from like $200 to $280 because the promotional rates I were on expired. I added a phone line and somehow my bill was decreased to $202. I got a few emails that there was a problem with my order and when I called in, they said everything was good and I should receive something in the mail. 

Then I get a bill for $280 and evidently they cancelled the order for some reason. I'm now on hold again for 35 minutes currently with a guy and chickens and dogs in the background. 

I just want my original order to work and to move on with my life. Maybe it's time to switch to youtube or hulu or something. I really hate cox...

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    coxsucks1 wrote:

    I'm now on hold again for 35 minutes currently with a guy and chickens and dogs in the background. 

    I understand how you feel. I HATE outsourced support, especially when there is a language barrier. Nothing personal against the rep., it just makes for an extremely frustrating experience. However this is a user based forum. If you want to contact Cox, use one of the methods in the welcome post. It goes to the team that moderates this forum. Good luck!

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    They are absolutely the worst company ever! I've wasted countless hours trying to get what should be done automatically. I am with you buddy they did recently have a class action lawsuit in the state of Arizona for shady business practices. My service has been spotty if not out and me trying to get compensated turned into another 2 hours of my life gone to be compensated $27. They make it so it's not even worth disputing because they are greedy terrible people. I feel everyone needs to get together and sue them. This needs to stop they need to be held accountable for everything they do. It's silly that you should have to call to have your bill adjusted when your service is out they're paying an employee to do something that they could automatically do. It would save both the customer and the company money but they're not smart enough. I am switching to another provider to avoid dealing with them ever again

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      Call tech support, and request Escalation to CAG. You have to specifically request escalation, if not, they probably won't do it.