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11 months ago

How do you know if your wall cable outlet is active?

I have plugged the coax cable into the cable wall outlet but no TV. It keeps saying restart TV box on my TV. I don't use cable - I use satellite - and only got the minimum package for local channels which satellite doesn't provide. Has anyone else had this issue? I have no idea how you validate an active cable wall outlet.

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    If you have satellite, Chances are good they disconnected Cox Cable and you ONLY have their satellite feed through your connections. If that's the case, you will have to call cox, if you JUST signed up, there will be a pro install charge, if you have had it for some time, but just got the problem after getting satellite, then you are looking at a billable trouble call, unless you have Cox Complete care, (10$ a month), and it covers the cost of all trouble calls. 

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    Are you trying to get both satellite and coax cable on your TV? If so, you will have problems. They are conflicting systems. You will need a separate coaxial loop.

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    You can try combining them by using a combiner or a 2 way splitter but that might not work so you just have to try it.

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        Not necessarily.  They just need to try it to see if it works but it may cause interference issues hard to say.