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4 years ago

How do I turn on tips on Contour.

For example when changing channels a notification will pop up telling me "next time say cbs into the mic". Or when scrolling thru lineup it will say "press button to fast forward a day". Or when watc...
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    4 years ago
    Hi Eaglesfan1969,

    You may manage your Contour notifications by doing the following:

    1. Press the CONTOUR button on the Cox remote. Result: The Main Menu displays.
    2. Use the right arrow to highlight the Settings gear icon, then press OK. Result: The Settings menu displays.
    3. Press the down arrow to highlight Preferences, then press OK.
    4. Use the down arrow to highlight Notifications, then press OK.
    5. Highlight the notification type to change, then press OK to turn the feature on or off.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator