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5 years ago

Help streaming

Since Cox installed a new Contour cable box I can no longer stream Prime. Any suggestions welcome.

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  • Paul67...I have Contour2 and Prime and I stream.  Press the Contour button on remote, slide over to APPS and OK.  Prime Video is the 3rd one on top.  Select and wait till you sync up with your AmazonID.  You can scroll a huge display of icons, add to a Watchlist  or go onto Amazon Prime and create a watchlist on the PC.  Trailer viewing is possible on many shows.  Once in the TV, the watchlist pulldown is located on the top line, next to the settings.  Your TV needs internet connection.  You can pause a stream, replay or continue from previous spot.  I'm still waiting for Disney + (maybe I have to download the App to my box...not sure how)

    Here is my poor image of the Prime on my TV.

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    Netflix probably doesn't like your new cable-box.  You may need to create a new password for it.  Can you setup your new cable-box on your Netflix account?