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5 years ago

Help from Cox?

Was just wondering if Cox was going to provide any help to their customers or just continue to charge their outrageous fees for their ** and continue to shut you off if you can't make the payment on time. I would think not. They are way to greedy to offer any relief. To busy stuffing their wallets to be concerned about their customers. No worries we won't forget what you do in our hour of need.

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  • Hello Jtr2202,

    Our Forums is an avenue to reach out for technical support between our customers, and we cannot discuss billing over this forum; it violates our guidelines. Please email us at with your account information and concerns. I understand if you need to make any payment arrangements, as the pandemic has affected many lives. Our Collections Department is available 8am - 8pm weekdays and 9am - 6pm weekends at 1-866-647-4482 to receive your call to discuss any possible payment extensions or arrangements.


    Cox Support Forums Moderator