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4 years ago

HBOMax App for TV

I want to connect to HBOMax on my TV. I pay for HBO; HBOMax is free. Tech cannot help me get the HBOMax app for my TV. I have the smartphone app and it works fine. The on line instruction offer no help. I have Netfix app, Prime Video app, YouTube app and 25 others. How can I get the correct app to view on TV?

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    Purchase an Amazon FireTV Stick on PrimeDay and sideload the HBOMax Andriod App and your good to go. :-)

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    True the support is usless, when the app is not on the box, you have to use your tv internet to stream. If they can put Netflex and Prime Video on the box they can put HBO Max. So so it!

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      If HBO Max was on the cable box, it'd still use the Internet to stream.  If a program is marked "Internet" on a program guide, both Netflix and Prime will use the Internet.

      I don't know why you'd want a cable box to be the centerpiece of your content.  Other than cable TV, if you want to stream, get a streaming device or download the app to your TV.  Streaming devices have much better chipsets to decode than any cable box.