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5 years ago

HBO On Demand - Movies Suddenly Not Available

Last night my wife and I sat down to watch Dark Phoenix as it had just hit HBO over the weekend.

The only option through Cox was to purchase it.  So we decided to watch Godzilla, King of the Monsters, which had been on our list as well.  We had seen it in the On Demand list and had even started it at one point.  Now it is only available for purchase.  I had been interested in watching the new Shaft (2019) movie, which was also previously on the on demand list and now is not. These change occurred sometime in the last week to 2 weeks.  Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I contacted support and they just stated the only option was to record the movies as they aired.  No explanation as to why.  I think it is highly suspicious that as we are all stuck at home that these premium movies we are already paying for, that HBO AND COX say on their websites are available on demand, are suddenly only available for purchase.  I have cancelled my cable effective today and if Cox wasn't the most stable internet provider to allow me to work from home I would cancel that service to.

I'd also like to point out that Cox did nothing to try to recover me as a customer or resolve this issue.  Only that there was nothing they could do.  On a positive note, both the customer service folks I interacted with were extremely pleasant and understanding.

I'm looking into filing a complaint with state/federal agencies as I wasn't notified of a change in service and their advertising still states the movies they only offer for purchase as available for free, on demand with subscription to HBO.

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    Just looked at HBO on Amazon and I can stream everything that Cox said I would have to pay for.

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    I am dealing with  the exact same thing you’re dealing with and Cox told me that HBO was responsible that is a lot of horse manure. HBOs website has all the same movies I’ve been looking to watch and I have watched a few. Then if you want to watch again you have to buy it.   But yes it’s true it’s sad the way they’re treating customers in a bad time like this when  they should be helping us instead of taking advantage of us. It’s a lie. I know I wasn’t going crazy. All the same movies and more.