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7 months ago

HBO Max (now "Max") - won't work through Cox

Today (5/23/2023) is the Big Day and HBO Max is now "Max". And now I have lost access to Max. Attempting to log in through the Max web page returns either a 404 error or a message that Max is not supported through Cox. Attempting to open the old HBO app on my Roku tells me I need to upgrade. I install the new upgrade and my only log in options are to open a new subscription.  If Cox doesn't support Max, then I will cancel my HBO subscription.

Several emails from HBO Max over the past week promised a "seamless" upgrade - just continue to watch your favorites as before. So much for that promise.

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    I should note that I had an extended session about this issue with Cox Chat awhile ago. The Rep couldn't understand why Max won't work and he said he would escalate the issue and I should hear back in a few days.

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      make sure your Roku is on operating system 11. If your roku is not up to day, it won't run the app. 

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        Thanks for your reply. All seems back to normal this morning. The "Max" website is a little slow, but I was able to log in through my Cox account (unable to do that yesterday) and update and use the new "Max" app on my Roku devices. Took a small amount of back and forth between the TV and my computer, but it took only a minute or so and all is now well. The new Max interface is a bit different, but it did keep My Favorites.

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    I still cannot get the MAX app to work on Contour or any other device.  

    It literally sends me through a loop of trying to sign in with cox, and then saying either "That provider does not exist" to  "You are already signed in" to "MAX is not available in your country(!)"  to "You are signed in and ready to go", and when I click on that, it goes back to sign in with your provider.etc, etc.  Over and over.  

    I'm very frustrated.  I'm wondering if cox is only paying to have MAX  cable channels, and not to stream on the MAX app.  If so, I will cancel and get MAX directly from the Max site.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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      I can remember having an issue signing into a different third-party website using Cox as the provider when I didn't have third-party cookies allowed.  You could try allowing third-party cookies, if they aren't allowed already.  

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    I am experiencing the same Cox signin instruction give me a 404 error if I use the link Max offers wants me to sing up for a subscription, and the same need for a subscription happens when I go in through contour 0n my remote.

    cox needs to update their instructions,