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7 years ago

Got a 'Cox Order Processed' - didn't order anything

'We are in the process of making the service changes you requested. Take a moment to review them below.' Fun fact, I didn't order anything or do anything. I have 'Video Base Code' 'Cox TV Starter' 'Expanded Service'  'Digital Starter' and 'Mini Box' with the only thing having a charge being the Mini Box for $2.49. The rest with the reasonable price of 0.00. Except you know, I didn't order anything or do anything. Anyone getting some of this nonsense happening?

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  • Hi gadlaw,

    I'd like to check into this for you. Please email you full name, address, and the link to this thread to

    Thank you,
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    I have emailed the information. Thanks for taking a look.

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    I've had my system upgraded, and additional channels added to my tv, that I DID NOT ORDER, and my bill increased. Cox refuses to discuss why it was increased, and informs me I can not lower my bill, unless I discontinue all services.

  • Hi Too cheap,

    I’d like to take a look at what changes were made to your account. Please email my team at so we can further investigate.