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6 years ago

Get RID of these 'supplement' fees that are bilking us as customers ..

why are we still being extorted for that OFFENSIVE "sports Supplement" monthly when (like so many others) I can NOT AFFORD your 'sports programming' in the first place? Why am I paying for NOTHING At all .. for months .. when in fact, there is NO desire for sports channels here at all? I am SICK And TIRED of these 'supplemental' Fees that add up to hundreds of dollars wasted for absolutely nothing at all. GET RID of this .. (it's another reason why Cox is hated .. and yes, I've asked this question to customer service on-line and on the phone and still have NO answer as to why we are charged this in the first place!)  I have ZERO interest in sports .. get RID of this .. (it would be entirely fair if this 'supplement' only applied to those with sports subscriptions -- not to everyone!)

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  • Local network stations carry NBA and NFL games.  Multi million dollar player contracts, new stadiums, and the like are not going to pay for themselves.  Fewer and fewer people are willing to pony up a premium for sports programming so the leagues have struck deals with providers that exact monthly fees from subscribers- even those who limit themselves to the most limited, basic packages because previously free local network stations carry professional sports.

    As far as I know the only way to avoid helping fund the sports bubble is to cut the cord entirely.

  • Hi Sglmom, Regional Sports Networks are available to Cox customers who subscribe to Essential TV or above. Broadcasters often require service providers like Cox to include their Sports channels in our most widely distributed level of service, or we aren’t allowed to carry the channels at all. The Regional Sports Surcharge enables us to more clearly reflect the increasing costs associated with providing sports broadcasting channels in our lineup. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator