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4 years ago


Does anybody have an issue with ESPN blinking every few minutures.  I don't have that issue on any other channel.       Cox charges more on the bill for ESPN and it's in that condition.      

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  • I switched HDMI ports and it seems to have improved it.   Why whould switching a port on the TV make a difference for a TV channel?    Samsung

  • Somebody 50 miles from me is repprting the same audio and video skipping on ESPN1 and 2.  I guess it's them and not Cox.

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    • I have this issue on my TV's that are connected via  mini cable boxes.  It occurs on other channels than ESPN, but ESPN and ESPN2 are the worst.  I've had technicians here twice that were unable to fix the issue.  Supposedly I've been ungraded to Tier-2, but have not heard from Cox since 
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    Same problem here. I changed the HDMI cable and switched to different ports with no change. This has been doing this, on ESPN, for 3 weeks now on the live NBA playoffs. This happens on the TV in the bedroom with the mini Contour box. The living room doesn’t have this problem. Any solutions yet?

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      Does this happen with other programs on ESPN or is it just with the NBA games?

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        It happens with other programs I.e. NFL Monday Night Football and commercials. It seems to work okay tonight for the KC Chiefs and Ravens game though.

  • I have for over two months. According to the two techs that have been out, it is a problem with their Contour 2 boxes and they have no clue when it will be fixed. They also said it is nation wide. It is a total disgrace to have to pay for something you cannot watch. I called the billing office and asked for a credit and the best they would do is give me a $20 courtesy credit. I guess they are taking the stance that if we ignore it eventually it will go away. Maybe the solution is getting better techs ones that actually have a clue.