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Error player.recordingToVodPivotFailed

I am not able to watch live TV or saved videos on my laptop.   I've tried rebooting Contour device, clearing all cache, cookies, etc from Chrome browser.   Weird thing is that I can watch live tv on my phone but not on the laptop.  

The following error is what I am receiving

Well that didn’t go as planned...

We’re having trouble playing this recording. We checked for this program On Demand but, unfortunately, it is not available. Please try watching another program.

(Error player.recordingToVodPivotFailed)

This is happening both when attempting to watch live TV and also when attempting to watch multiple saved programs.

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  • @Sdlookingforanswers, Is this happening on other devices in the home or just on this one? Also, is your phone on the wifi network or using cell service? Lastly, please power cycle the laptop and then try again. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.