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3 years ago

Error code xre-03092

I see this error code in other posts but I haven't been able to find a solution. I got a new box yesterday and now I am not able to watch anything on demand (only on the new box). Does anyone have a solution to xre-03092? I've reset, rebooted unplugged and all of the usual stuff. Contacted support they told me to go to the cox store. 

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  • Hi DLM1,

    We can certainly investigate this issue and address your concerns. Please email our team at with this post, your full name, and your complete address. You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter through the links below:

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    I don't have Contour 2, but I believe it's the same type platform as Xfinity.  That user forum had a post on November 26, 2020 about error xre-03092 with the following solution.

    "I looked in settings under Comcast Labs and under playback settings, I saw VOD was set to Default. I changed it to IP and that fixed it. I now can watch VOD. Just FYI for this error code".

    Contour 2 won't have "Comcast Labs", but if it has something similar, you might look for a VOD setting and try what the Xfinity Community Forum user posted.

    XRE-03092 unable to play video on demand | Xfinity Community Forum

    Maybe another Contour 2 user in the Forums will check this out and help you locate the comparable setting, if it's available in Contour 2.

    If there's no such user setting in Contour 2, contact for help.  It may be a Cox controlled  setting on Contour 2 that isn't properly set to permit you access to video on demand.