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3 years ago


Why does the EAS system have to interrupt programming for every severe thunderstorm that comes through town? Tornadoes, hurricanes, and such I understand, but thunderstorms? If this is a federal requirement, then I get it, but I often get EAS messages that are not even for my county. It also messes up my DVR recording. Seems like there could be a much better way to implement EAS and only when/where it is required by law. Personally, I don't care if there is a severe thunderstorm in my area. It happens all the time, and I get that information from my local weather forecast, phone, etc..anyway. I understand the need for public safety, but the way it is implemented on the Cox TV service seems like overkill, and there should be a way to do it that preserves the missed programming after the message has been delivered.

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    Public safety overkill?  What's more gooder:  too much warning or not enough?