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2 years ago

DVR service randomly deletes all recorded shows

Costumer service and tech support are a joke.

Opened several tickets and they just close them with no resolution.

The tech that came out to my house said there are no issues with the hardware and it is a CLOUD issue.

Had this for the past 5 months now - once, twice, or several times a month all recording are deleted and it says Welcome to you new DVR service.  

You may now begin to record shows etc....

From others' comments i see this has been ongoing for 5 years!

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  • Hi Ksdajc1992, I'm addicted to my DVR, and I can imagine how I'd feel if this happened to me. I'm so sorry this has happened even one time! I can help. I want to verify that this has been investigated by our video escalation team. So that my team can further investigate, please email us at -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • Awful, I would be livid! Have you replaced the box with a new one?