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4 years ago

DVR Problems

When I set our dvr to record a show it starts recording about one minute early and stops recording about one minute early causing us to miss out on the ending of the show. Very frustrating.

Also, when I hit rewind, it doesn’t start for a few seconds then it  zips through those missed seconds so fast I’m a lot further back than I wanted. The same thing happens with fast forward.

 I don’t recall these  things happening years ago when we first started with Cox but I could be wrong.

I swapped out our dvr to hopefully fix the problems but they still persist.

Thank you.

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      What kind of "...perfect DVR service..." doesn't have a time-sync function?  The "fuzzy" workaround of Cox could waste up to 40 minutes of storage space...per program.

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        Cox admitted it was beyond their control as they receive the programming from the originator and just pass it on. My DVR's are exactly on time as the NIST broadcast ( That is why I gave up arguing with Cox and just added two minutes to each recording. I have never had a space crunch but I do not save stuff after I have watched it.

  • Had the same problem across many channels. Finally added two minutes to the end of every recording and it worked like a champ.