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4 years ago

DVR not recording certain channels anymore?

We have the original Contour setup (not Contour 2) and have been VERY pleased with our DVR. We set recording times for shows we like; and there's no trouble.

Lately...quite a few channels won't let us record, pause, fast-forward...nothing. Channels that we know have this problem are:

Smithsonian Channel

Can anyone explain why this is so? We've done all the "usual fixes" that the phone tech's recommend...nothing.

Ideas, thoughts??

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  • Hi Flieger83,

    Do you get a message that the feature has been disabled for that program you are watching? Or is it all programs on those channels?

    Thank you,

    Mike J.
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      No messages of any kind; it was almost by accident. We noticed shows weren't recording so over the last four days, we attempted to record shows: nothing. Even while we were watching the show, we'd select "record" and it wouldn't do anything.

      On other problem.

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        Hello Flieger83, we'd be glad to take a closer look into your issue. Please send us an email to with your full name, account holder's name, street address, and details of your issue.

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    This happened to us about 6 months ago. nothing seemed to record, BUT if I programed something new it worked. I  wrote down and then deleted everything on the series manager. I think it can holds so much then has a nervous breakdown. Has been fine for recording, I am here for another issue but noticed your post.