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4 years ago

DVR locks up the screen

I've read all the 5+ year old answer.

We have a COX DVR...Contour 1, not the latest Contour.

We'll be watching a recording and the screen will just lock.  

It "may" come back in time...most of the time we have to pull the plug on the settop box and reboot it.

This is NOT normal.

So...what's up Cox?

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    Hi @Flieger83,

    I can relate to what's going on, and I want you to be able to watch your shows without interruption. You may need to get the DVR replaced. If you have gotten it replaced recently, then you to email us at with your full name and address for further investigation.

    Ben S.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Are you aware of any other issue at the time or other processes the Contour 1 DVR may have been performing when it locked up, besides playback of a recorded program?

    • Had you been experiencing any Internet issues?
    • Could it have been during a nightly update?
    • Had you performed any recent "Search" functions?
    • Were you scheduling any new recordings?
    • Was any type of Series Manager maintenance being performed?
    • Were you recording multiple channels at the time?

    One or more of the above functions should be able to be performed while watching playback of a recorded program.  The reason for asking about other issues or other processes being performed is to help troubleshoot what may have caused the DVR to lockup.

    However, if it occurs frequently when only watching playback, Ben's suggestion could be the best solution and you may need a new DVR.

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      Unlike many of our neighbors, our internet has been just fine. I have no idea if there is a "nightly update" for the box...if so, when would that be. I will say that this issue "normally" occurs in the evening because we both work and that's when we use the system. However, it has happened during the day as well. And no, we're normally doing nothing more than watching a show.

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        Nightly updates generally occur in the 2:00 am - 3:00 am time frame to add new information to the program grid and shouldn't impact recorded program playback in process during that time.  You could try contacting to see if there is anything they can do, but you probably have a defective DVR that you will need to replace in order to fix the lockup issue.

        If you email Cox, be sure to include your full name and the service address.  You might also include a link to this Forum thread.  

        Update: If your DVR locks up immediately after using your remote while watching recorded programming, verify your cable TV is still working.  Playback of recorded programming on a Contour 1 will continue after the cable TV goes out if playback has already begun.  However, remote commands (fast forward, rewind, pause, etc.) require interactive access to receive a response back from a server and can cause the DVR to lock up until access is restored.  (I experienced an intermittent outage once after starting a fast forward and it couldn't be stopped until it reached the end of the program).  If you were somehow able to know a cable TV outage would occur at a specific time, you could start playback of a recorded program before then and watch it during the outage.  Just put the remote aside and don't try to pause, rewind or fast forward.