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5 years ago

DVR audio cuts out after fast forwarding

Have a contour II box and when we watch a show that we have DVR'ed we run into audio issues.  When the program starts the audio is absent for a few seconds and then starts and the audio also cuts out after we fast forward through commercials and then hit play again ( up to 20 seconds without audio after selecting play-video is good).  This is frustrating!  

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    @kc135ang, Is the Contour a wireless receiver or a hard-wired receiver? Does this occur on all receivers are exclusively on one receiver? Can you please make sure all cables are secured tightly and free of damage for me? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Mine does the same thing and it seems like all it is doing it getting worse

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    We have the same exact problem. The problem was real bad a few weeks ago and then for some reason it got better. Now the problem has returned. What is going on Cox.

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      Please send your full name and address to: so I can take a look and see what's happening with your DVR. Thanks!

      Cox Support Forum Moderator