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Does contour 1 remote work with latest Samsung Tvs?

Before buying a new tv, I just wanted to check.  Does the old contour 1 remote control the tv volume for the newest Samsung smart Tvs (Q90T)?  Samsung has some fancy new remote, so I wasn’t sure.
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    That is a good question. is a link to our Remote Control User Guides. Assuming you're using the URC 8820 Cox Universal Remote, are the codes for all brands supported.

    To answer your question, it is not clear of all the codes below would grant complete control of power on and volume to the TV. Below are the codes you may want to try if you are able to possibly window shop with the Cox remote in your hand to try prior to your purchase:

    Samsung 2051, 0812, 1632, 0702, 0650, 0178, 0060, 0766, 0814,
    1060, 1903, 1959, 2722

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