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Does anyone currently have Cox Contour Flex Economy?

Does anyone currently have Cox Contour Flex Economy? If so, are there serious problems with it? Is anything important missing or degraded? Are there things that you cannot do that you wish you could do? I currently have Contour 2 with DVR 6 and two mini-boxes. I also have been trying out DirecTV Now and Plex as possible replacements for the Cox system. My current Cox system has become too expensive for me, and I am considering replacing it with the Contour Flex Economy with DVR and 2 mini-boxes. I am worried that we will not be happy with the new system's capabilities. Therefore I am looking for any important things that may impact my decision.

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  • Samkrit, I'd like to help. Contour Flex includes local broadcast channels as well as any public, educational and government channels in your area. Channel availability varies by region. If you want more, you can add what you need with one of several add-on paks, such as the Economy Pak. You can learn about what is included and what Paks can be added to Contour Flex here Since forums is intended for customers to discuss technical topics related to Cox services, please email us at if you need to discuss specifics of your account.
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      Thanks, Colleen D. for replying. You say that local broadcast channels are included. Does that mean that Fox Sports Arizona (FSAZ) is included in the Contour Flex Economy package? It does not appear on the channel listing, but it is a "local broadcast channel".

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        Hi Samkrit, Fox Sports Arizona is not available in the Contour Flex Economy package. The TV Economy channel lineups differ slightly by market, due to contractual obligations with each network broadcaster. Also, since you are thinking about replacing 2 of your current HD receivers with mini boxes, please know that not all the TV Economy channels are available on the mini box. To receive all of the TV Economy channels, an advanced digital receiver or CableCARD is required. - Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • So that you don't get lied to by multiple Cox personnel, Cox Contour Flex Economy DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCESS TO ON-DEMAND CABLE CHANNELS. The only on-demand channels you will be able to access and watch are: ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, & NBC. If you try to access your Contour Flex Economy cable channels on-demand, i.e., TNT, USA, FX, SYFY, WGN, HISTORY, TVLAND, E NETWORK, DISNEY, NICKELODEON, etc., you are advised "A subscription to a premium package is required in order to watch this Cable Channel on-demand".  When I went into the Edmond, OK store to set up my Cox Contour Flex Economy service, I asked all three Cox personnel in the store, including the manager on duty at that time, if I would be able to access my "cable channels" on-demand. All three Cox personnel looked me straight in my eye and blatantly lied to me that yes indeed I would be able to access and watch all of my Cox Contour Flex Economy cable channels on-demand. After spending almost three hours resetting and rebooting my new Contour box, I finally gave up and called Cox. The Cox person I spoke with on the phone informed me that I had been blatantly lied to by the Edmond Cox Store personell and manager, and that my subscription to Cox Contour Flex Economy DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCESS TO THE CABLE CHANNELS ON-DEMAND. Just thought you might want to know what you will have access to on-demand. Good luck!