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5 years ago

Customer service CALL routed to TEXT MESSAGE

I'm a new Cox customer but, to be honest, the quality of service I've received from support so far has been abysmal.  I tried asking a question about my bill last week and the non-answer I received was "that's just the way the bill is"....hardly an answer.  Thankfully, a co-worker who USED to work for Cox was able to provide an answer, which leads us to today:

I had asked my wife to call Cox today to find out why we're having so many issues with laggy response from DVR content and issues with audio cutting out, etc.  She did as I asked, but then was told "we've sent you a text message" and her attempt to receive help over the phone was routed to an off-shore representative responding via Text message.  The representative was of zero help and ultimately just dispatched a technician.  My question is WHY was this phonecall routed to text message AT ALL?  We're technically savvy people and generally can recognize whether text is an efficient way to resolve an issue....technical issues like this are NOT efficiently handled via text message and Cox forcing the call to a text message environment only leads to a already frustrated customer becoming significantly more frustrated.

If this is the quality of service we can expect from Cox moving forward, please let me know now....I'm sure your competitors would be happy to have us!

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  • Hi Mjmcmahon67,

    Customer Service is very important to us and I am terribly sorry to learn of your experience. We have multiple outlets for assistance via telephone, chat, social media, email, retail store or telephone support. Chat is optional, perhaps she unknowingly selected to continue the correspondence via chat. I cannot be certain without reviewing the account details.

    The last thing we would want is to lose a loyal customer. Please feel free to email us at or social media and my team would be more than happy to assist 24/7.


    Cox Support Forums Moderator -Latitia