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6 years ago

Customer Service.

I had a problem with the Scientific Atlanta cable box. I was told I needed to replace it. I then get contour, and additional channels. After finding out the price, I tried to go to a smaller package....
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    6 years ago

    It continues to amaze me that Cox Communications continues to RIP off the customer by now having TV's only having Cox communications use these digital converters utilizing the cox encryption, WE pay for service to our home and are subsequently subjected to a new fee each month for cable.  This amounts to the MINI boxes that you need for any other connected device in the home..   I asked Cox communications if I could purchase and the representative from Phoenix stated NO, not at this time.  I find it very disturbing that we pay for a service and then have to pay for a box to use this service...this amounts to bait and switch in order to watch TV that we are already being provided and paying for.  Cox my question to you WHY ARE YOU RIPPING US OFF?  This service is provided and now because your company is losing money because folks stopped having phones in their homes you have to make up for lost revenue.  I didn't start the cell phone craze that took money out of your pocket...why do you penalize us for having cable...makes me want o just have internet and send everything back to you and save money that this what your ultimate goal is?  People are doing this and switching to other companies because your company fails in many regards.  Offer a program that we can purchase these boxes that you buy for 10.00 and start being a company that has a good reputation, not one that continues to provide services that stink!!