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6 years ago

Customer Loyalty

I have been a COX customer for 20 years and my bill just keeps getting larger.  I retired and have dropped phone, other equipment and eliminated HOB & Showtime to reduce my bill.I recently called to see if there was anything else I could do and they sent me to customer loyalty.  The man I got was so rude I hung up so i didn't have to listen to him berate me.  I am sure he hates his job getting beat up all day by customers complaining about their outrageous price increases.

New customers get all the benefits and loyal customers get screwed.  I am investigating switching to YouTube TV. I hear it is very good and will save me $100 a month.  That is a big deal when you are on fixed income.

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      Sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble. I'd like to help. Please send an email to: and include your full name, address and the Cox pin number so I can take a look. Please copy and paste the content of your forums post so we have a reference. Thanks!

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    Amen to that.  I can't think of any other company that not only does not reward customer loyalty, but makes it their mission to put it to their long time customers.  I have eliminated everything except Internet Service from COX to reduce my bill, and what do they do, put a limit on data usage, and *** me when I exceed it!  I am now looking for other internet options, and personally will celebrate when I no longer have any association with these crooks!

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    I agree! I dropped tv years ago because I too am retired. I kept Internet & phone but service & loyalty to old customers has gone downhill. I've been a Cox customer for over 30 years & prices have just gone out of reach. I'm now looking around at other providers because of price & ongoing problems with my phone package. If they lose all their loyal customers I don't think they'll get enough new ones to make up the difference.

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      Hi, I am so sorry to hear that you had to drop your TV services with us and that you are looking for another provider for your phone services. I can help troubleshoot phone issues. Feel free to email us at with your account information and a description of the issue you need assistance with. -Mike
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    The purpose of these forums is to provide a space for customers to assist each other with technical related issues. Questions concerning account specific issues are best addressed privately. Feel free to email us at for further assistance.