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2 years ago

Cox Contour TV Fix: Can't watch channel on my computer laptop or desktop - Watch Button Faded and Won't Work - Disconnect VPN

Disconnect the VPN !!!

While using Cox Contour TV from your laptop or desktop computer (maybe from your Smart TV too)

The "Watch" button is faded, and does not function after you Left Click on it; the problem is the VPN!

You must DISCONNECT the VPN. 

My Computer Set-up:  High speed Cox internet; Connection type: Ethernet Cable; Desktop Computer

Note:  I don't know if it make a difference if the computer connection to the internet is wireless or ethernet cable

Below are examples of what you will see after after you click on the blue colored "Why" (first item below0

  •   Due to licensing agreements, some content can only be viewed on your home WiFi 
  •   Please connect to your home WiFi network
  •   Due to licensing agreement, some content can only be viewed on your home

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    The answer is, "REBROADCAST AGREEMENTS". When cox gets a rebroadcast agreement to carry a channel, the channel specifies whether someone can watch that channel while not at home using internet service that isn't Cox.