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6 years ago

Cox Contour and Slingbox Setup to make it work

I recently got a Cox Contour 2 DVR. Slingbox website states Slingbox is compatible with Cox. I have a Slingbox 350 unit that only has Component Vido & audio input and output, not HDMI.

To solve that problem since Contour only has HDMI, Amazon has a $79 HDMI to Component + L/R Audio to HDMI 1080i Video Converter/Adapter with USB Power Cable for Slingbox. This unit worked well, connecting Cox Contour HDMI out to The Converter/Adapter HDMI; then Converter/Adapter HDMI out to TV HDMI in; last Converter/Adapter Component Video/audio out to Slingbox Component Video/audio in.

Next download Slingplayer Destop from Slingbox website. PC and Slingbox must be on same network for this setup. Follow the on screen prompts for Country, ZIp Code, Provider; this gets to the Setup Remote Control Page; THIS IS THE PROBLEM! Slingbox drop down menu DOES NOT LIST COX CONTOUR or any other Cox remote that is compatible; Cox Tech Support said to contact Slingbox; Slingbox said since my 350 was out of warranty they wanted $29 to answer the question. Deep in one of the Slingbox forms mentioned try the Comcast remote since they are both made by Arris, and Cox gets there Contour via Comcast; but there are 30 Comcast remotes listed, but their X1 (XR5) is the same unit as Cox Contour.

So for remote control setup via PC Slingplayer Destop: Use PVR, Comcast, X1 (XR5) have to pull the drop down menu down to see it! It finally worked after 2 hours of research. Follow these instructions exactly and it works perfectly.

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