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5 years ago

Cox Contour 2 Record 6 DVR recordings deleted overnight

Overnight, hundreds of recordings vanished from DVR! No one from Cox tech support had any idea as to how the problem could be fixed! Not cool! Can anyone solve the problem? Hope so!

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  • GabrielB...I don't have a 6DVR, just the 2 record version.  When you remote to Contour/ said very few recordings are there....but are there still some left?  Can you tell if it's date related.  Also, on the top line there is a %Full|#Recordings  ...could these numbers also show a a huge reduction.  I have never hit a max threshold number so I don't know what happens if one is met.  Other posters have had issues with this but not many or if any, solutions are given.  If files are literally gone from the disk, then the %Full should show a huge reduction.