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2 years ago

Contour remote skip ahead

Contour remote was programmed to have 30 sec advance with PG up button. It has reverted to default 5 min. Can't seem to get it switched back.

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    All you have to do is simply press the exit button fast for three times and then you will have to enter the number “0030” on the keypad. This is going to get it set up, but you will not get any confirmation or any sort of response from the TV or your set-top box. Let us know if this helps.

    Jonathan J
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      So, my remote reverted back to the 5-minute default I absolutely cannot get it back to 30 seconds. I've even tried resetting the remote to factory and trying to set up again and it will not go back to 30 seconds. 

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        I've tried 0030 and 0015. Fast, slow. Ok after no ok. Nothing works. I know it's petty but this grinds my gears.with FIOS I could pick the fwd and red skip times in the settings menu.