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4 years ago

Contour Pixelation

So I have been having a problem with certain channels becoming pixelated. It doesn’t happen all day, just from 8 until about 3. I have had technician come out multiple times and it the same every time. They’ll check the connection, signals, the wiring, and changed the cable box for that room and it still the same. I wanted to see if anyone has this same problem. This problem started back in June.

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    Forgot to add that when it goes out it gives the error code but then comes in and out

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      I am sorry to hear you are experiencing pixelation. I would like to see what we can do to help you resolve this issue. This appears as if you may need someone to investigate your account personally. We would be able to assist you with this. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.
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      Did your problem get resolved?  I have been having this issue all of a sudden as well beginning about 2 weeks ago.  It is affecting channels 5, 6 and 8 heavily all times of the day.  Severe pixelation and that error code.  I have never had this issue before.  Funny, how Cox was recently out in the area supposedly improving the service about a month ago.  I can't even watch any shows I like to watch.  Cox sent a new box today and there is no improvement.  I've read of other people who have had this issue and they had no resolution after spending a lot of money replacing outside cables and switching out devices.  It doesn't make sense.  Never had this type of issue with cable before.

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        A indicates the cable box is not detecting a signal on the channel . This is likely a weak signal issue or some other type of local interference that will need to be fixed. Please reachout to us privately with your account informations our email address is . You can also reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook through the links below:

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    I too have been having pixelation problems that seem to come and go.

    Specific channels on specific days and even down to specific hours.

    I have changed equipment, check "cabling issues". all to no improvement.

    I have been very suspicious of a home near me that has a very tall radio tower.   Ham, shortwave whatever.

    The timing of service pixelization is usually near sundown. And the channels effective show clear, then disruption for very non linear time segments.  Like there is a conversation going on. Clear picture, then snowed under for 1 to 3 minutes, clear for several minutes then pixilation for 5-10 minutes.  Then there is a clear channel reception for 30 to 40 minutes.  It is so intermittent it is hard to think this is a cabling issue.

    I know digital communications, I have worked in that industry for decades, The number of channels simultaneously being transmitted on the cable is complicated, but to only have 1-4 channels affected out of several hundred  with this pixelation issue that appears and disappears is something that is failing in the devices along the Cox cable equipment or an outside disruption along very specific wavelengths that affect specific channels.

    I'm beginning to rethink my subscription of services from Cox