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6 years ago

Contour picture freezing

My Contour box picture freezes every so often.  Sound continues but the picture is frozen. Changing channels doesn’t help - the sound changes to the new channel but the picture remains frozen.  The only fix is to do a full reset on the box.  Of course, that takes a good deal of time and if something is currently being recorded you can kiss it goodbye. This is not an isolated problem - there are least three other threads in this forum describing exactly the same issue.  In at least one of them, the Cox moderator even appears to acknowledge that they are aware of the problem. Is Cox ever going to fix this problem??

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    Hi Rooibos,

    We understand that freezing can be an unbearable nuisance, and we truly apologize for that. I do not detect any known issues or outages in the area if Orange County. Freezing generally indicates that a signal issue is present somewhere. Can you please check to ensure that all cables are secured nice and tight and free of damage? Also, if you have a splitter, I would recommend removing it and running the cable directly to the wall. If this resolves the picture tiling and freezing, then it could be an issue with the splitter. Resetting the equipment would be a temporary fix. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator