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5 years ago

Contour 2 DVR not showing all available show episodes airing on TV

On the Contour 2 DVR, when you look up the name of a TV show and go to the episodes screen, it will list all episodes by season. 

For example, "Last Man Standing" shows that there are a couple of episodes (Season 8) airing soon on FOX and you can schedule your DVR to record them. 

Under Season 1, all episodes say "BUY" next to the episodes, even though channel CMT is currently showing ALL the season 1 episodes. I can easily find them with the guide button.  I have noticed this for many shows - it is not indicating that the show is on TV even though I'm finding them by searching channels with the guide button.  

Anyone else having this issue? Anyone know what's wrong?

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  • @Goody, Not all episodes/seasons are available at no cost. The available programming is determined by the broadcaster who owns the rights to the content. They decide whether or not we can offer the content as free or for cost. -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Hi Allen,  Hmm, I'm not sure you understood the problem.  I understand that if a show is not available as part of my TV package that I'd have to pay for it.  

      What I'm saying is that when I look up a show using the SEARCH function, it is not showing me all the episodes airing on TV. Like my example, where Last Man Standing shows the Fox episodes that are upcoming, but not the CMT (Country Music Television) rerun episodes that are upcoming.

      OR,  are you saying those stations are not telling me they are available to watch on purpose?  Why even have a search function then?  So I basically have to use the Guide feature to flip through different channels for the shows I want to watch. When I searched for TV programs on my last Motorola DVR, it would show me every episode airing (new or rerun) on all available channels.     Thanks.

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        @goody, the issue you described with the search function may well be an error of omission that should be addressed.  But, if you want to record future airings of a program, you could schedule them with Scheduled Recordings.