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Contour 2 box keeping resetting the resolution to 720p?

I have a 4k TV, but the contour box keeps setting my resolution at 720p despite the fact that I have repeatedly set it to 1080p. I suspect that it is happening after the box resets during the nightly updates. Doing a soft reboot through the menu settings also sets it back to 720p. The digital clock on the front of the box also turns itself back on after reboot despite my repeatedly turning it off.

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    What model receiver and TV do you have? What type of cable do you have going from the receiver to the TV?

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    The receiver model is the Contour 2 GSX9865. The TV is a Samsung KS8000 4k. I have an HDMI cable running from the box tothe TV, and I have already tried replacing the HDMI cable. 

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    Hi Bflynn65,

    Please email us at with your account information so we can look into this further for you.

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    Hey Gh0str1dr,

    I just went down to one of the Cox stores and swapped my box for a new one. I lost my DVR recordings but the new box worked great.

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    I also have the same issue with the box changing my 1080i or 1080p setting view settings on my Contour box back to 720p when it's off or updating / rebooting.  Also changes the audio settings back to stereo from Dolby 5.1 and/or Expert. 

    This set is hooked up to a Yamaha receiver with all the various Dolby and other sound formats. 

    The solution that always involves swapping your box as a troubleshooting step is getting really old.  Until Cox starts saving our shows on the cloud, this is a real problematic issue as "swapping the box" involves losing all of your DVR'd shows.  That's just not a very good option.

    Had a problem recently with tuning some channels I subscribed to.  Seemed to ultimately been traced to an issue with the signal coming from the road.  But of course, the tech's first trouble shooting step is "swap the box" which involves you losing all the shows you DVR'd.  

    Also - don't know what happened but I used to also have an expansion hard drive hooked up to the DVR.  Now that doesn't work at all and actually ruins the function of the Contour Box so it would only work with the drive disconnected.  So now I have 1TB less storage ability and there is no identified hard drive / storage expansion option.  Seems to me like a good option would be allowing the tech to back up your DVR'd shows to an external drive and allow them to be moved or restored to the new unit.  

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    Due to copyright laws, customers are not allowed to make copies of recorded dvr shows. Sadly, we have no way around this issue.


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  • This is endemic to the GSX9865. From the other thread on this, apparently this was fixed by Comcast a couple years ago, but somehow the software fix has never made it into the Contour 2 boxes.

    The solution is to switch to an Arris CMX013.

    Catch-22 - they will not give you one. They will promise it. They will "order' it. They will "locate" it. And then they will give you another GSX9865 that will do exactly the same thing.

    Apparently, there is NO WAY in their ordering system to actually order one. They order by some generic code and you might get one box or the other. Except that... in reality... you won't get an Arris.

    I went round and round with that circus and finally cut the cord. And I am very happy.

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    Same situation here.  On hold waiting to speak with Tier 2 support on phone now  

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    Good luck.  Let us know how it works out.  

    The only thing I think you could try is going to the Cox Solution store and trade in your box for an Arris.  Not sure they'll even do this and I'm not doing it because I have a bunch of shows DVR'd that I don't want to lose.  My solution is to change the device back to 1080p and Dolby Digital sound when I wake up each morning.  

    Cox's solution is to always trade out your cable box.  That is something that Cox really needs to address.  With the rates I pay for TV Cable, I definitely don't feel I'm getting my money's worth.  This is the sort of thing that causes customers to investigate other options when they might not otherwise have even considered it.  

    My sense is that doing this ratcheting down of the resolution might lighten the load on their cable network when folks watch in lower resolution and a lot of folks can't tell 720p from 1080p so they do it.  I highly suspect this was something that was done "accidentally on purpose" by the cable companies and it benefits them somehow.  .