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5 years ago

Contour 2 / Pace XiD HDMI handshake issues?

First off, when I Googled my issue, the most relevant thing I could find was on Comcast's forum:

The beginning / first couple of pages are about the issue.  When I turn my equipment on, often the screen will be black (no image except for the AVR and TV's UI and overlays) though I can hear the current channel's audio.

Unplugging the HDMI cable to the Contour 2 / Pace XiD and plugging it back in will restore the image sometimes.  So will changing inputs on the AVR from what the Contour 2 is plugged into, to another HDMI port then back to the port the Contour 2 is plugged into... sometimes.

I've already had Cox replace the box three times.  I've replaced HDMI cables and even had the store replace my AVR.  My equipment:


- Denon AVR-X4700H

- All HDMI cables are certified premium and support at least 18Gbps signals.  All of their packaging had the HDMI org's QR code.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, have you found a fix?

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    When you boot your equipment, all connected devices perform a "handshake" via HDMI for a who's who.  If Contour is connected to your AVR, Contour detects the AVR as an audio-only device.  Disconnecting and reconnecting probably re-initiates the handshake.  It works but after some finagling...sometimes.

    It could be a glitch in the AVR, so I'd check for any updates to its firmware.

    It appears HDMI-1 on the rear the Denon is only for cable/satellite TV.

    If you have HDMI-CEC enabled on your setup for Contour, disable it because far as I know...doesn't support it.  LG calls HDMI-CEC SimpLink.

    Why not just connect Contour to your TV?  CATV signals are so heavily compressed, an AVR won't be able to improve it.

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      I've already updated firmware for the AVR and TV.  The Contour box is also connected to the HDMI input on the AVR that is labelled "CBL/SAT".

      I have the AVR in use as sort of a hub that all of my sources connect to so that only a single cable goes to the wall-mounted TV.  It's one of Denon's 2020 HDMI 2.1 / 8K compatible models.  I have all video and image processing in the AVR turned off because the TV does a better job of that anyway.

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      What HDCP version does the Contour 2 / Pace XiD have?  I just found settings in the Denon to change the HDCP version for each of its inputs.