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6 years ago

Contact Service Issues

Every day, no matter what the channel. my television gets pixilated channels watching television.  NO one else is home during this time.

On the weekends, the problem is constant, and the other bundled services, internet and phone, also go out.

I have contacted Cox continuously.  Techs have reviewed the wiring outside and inside my home, changed ut equipment, and, as of the last time, the tech installed a booster saying the house was receiving a weak signal.

Today is Sunday and issues are still happening.

Does anyone have these sorts of constant issues?  If you have, did you ever get them resolved?  Thinking of dropping Cox after 30 years of services.  IT HAS NEVER BEEN THIS BAD.

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  • Hi James. I can certainly understand your frustration. We can look into this for you. Please email your complete address and name to in order for us to help resolve this issue as this shouldn't keep happening. Sincerely, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator