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3 years ago

CMT (channel 57) not available on Contour box

For a second evening, we’ll have to spend the 10 minutes or so rebooting our Contour box (by disconnecting and reconnecting the power source) to get this channel.  We get a message that the “problem is on our end, this channel is not currently available.”  The channel is available on the Contour app on my iPad and on the mini box in another room.  

Anyone else having this issue?  Is there a more permanent solution? 

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    If you're still having an issue with CMT channel 57, please email your full name and address to

    Jonathan J
    Cox Moderator
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      Ok.  We just tuned in and it’s off again. Looks like this is going to be a daily thing. 

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        I can relate to what's going on, and I want you to be able to watch your shows without interruption. I have taken a look at the feed coming into your area and there are no issues with channel 57. I recommend that you email us at with your full name/full address for further troubleshooting.

        Ben S.
        Cox Support Forums Moderator