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2 years ago

Cloud DVR requirements/capabilities

I currently have cable (LIve TV only) and Internet and am considering adding Cloud DVR to replace another service. I have the Panoramic gateway in bridge mode so I can use my own router, and I would like to continue with this configuration. From reading various messages and web pages, it appears the IPTV boxes require the Panoramic gateway to serve as the router, but there is also a QAM box that doesn't have this restriction. Also, there are messages on this forum stating that you can't watch recorded shows on devices or, but I've heard different elsewhere. Three questions:

  1. Which box do I need to use the Panoramic gateway in bridge mode and continue using my own router?
  2. Is it possible to watch recorded shows on devices in the Contour app and in web browsers at
  3. If the answer to (2) is yes, do I even need to hook up a Cloud DVR box for a TV I'm happy to continue using the mini box on? I really only care about devices and the web for DVR usage, and if I don't need to hook up a Cloud DVR box, this would seem to make (1) a moot question.

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  • Hi Barreleye, thank you for your questions. In order to watch recorded shows on mobile devices or, a subscription to Cloud DVR is required. QAM service with Cloud DVR is available. This configuration requires an XG2 receiver ( and you can keep the Panoramic Wifi Gateway in Bridge Mode. The XG2 receiver would replace your mini box. All other Cloud DVR equipment configurations are incompatible with Bridge Mode. I hope this helps! –
    Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Thanks, very helpful. So I take it I should specifically ask for the XG2 when I order the service. It also sounds like the box/Cloud DVR service is an inseparable bundle, and there would be no way to order just the service at a reduced price. Is this all correct?

      P.S. That link gives me a 404 error because the closing parenthesis is part of the URL.

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      OK, so I went and picked up a box today at the Cox store. I told them I wanted Cloud DVR and the XG2 box, and what they gave me was model number C2XG1HOSTDVR. This thing is a hard drive based DVR, and while it works, it is not what I wanted. I can record on it, but in the Contour app and web browsers, I can only see a list of recordings that I've made. I cannot watch them on my iPhone, tablet, or at I just spent an hour on the phone with Cox, bouncing between 6 representatives, and the final one told me that Cox's Cloud DVR doesn't let you view recorded shows except on a Cox box. She said the "cloud" part only ensures that when you swap out a box, you don't lose your recordings, and you cannot watch them except through a Cox receiver. That's simply not what a Cloud DVR is, such as YouTube TV, which I've had for 5 years, and others including DirectTV Stream, Hulu Live, etc. Does Cox really not offer a real Cloud DVR service, as everyone else defines it?

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        Hi Barreleye, I'm sorry that finding accurate answers to your questions has been so difficult. As I understand it, you have two goals:

        1. To continue using the Panoramic Wifi gateway in bridge mode so you can use your router.
        2. To record DVR content to the cloud so you can access your recordings through the Contour App and

        We need to keep one key distinction in mind; a distinction that you wisely pointed out in your original post. There are two methods of delivery for video content: Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) or QAM. IPTV uses a connection with the Panoramic Wifi Gateway and a wired or wireless box, and a cloud-based tuner instead of a built-in tuner. IPTV does not allow you to use the Panoramic Wifi gateway in bridge mode. It sounds like the support agents you spoke with yesterday were only providing information about IPTV.

        We offer one QAM configuration compatible with Cloud DVR. This configuration meets both your goals. You can access recorded content through the Contour App and and continue to use the Panoramic Wifi gateway in bridge mode. While I referenced multiple internal sources before replying to you yesterday, the information I provided in my initial reply can be summed up in two Cox Support articles:

        1. Pace XG2 HD Receiver:
          The Pace XG2 Receiver does not have a hard drive, but it can use cloud-DVR for recording.

        2. Downloading Recordings Using the Contour App
          Before downloading content, you must have Cox Contour TV service and use one of the following services:
          • IPTV service…
          • QAM service using the XG2 Host box with the cloud DVR service.

        While the concepts we are discussing are a bit confusing, there is no excuse for the incorrect information you received from the final support agent you spoke with yesterday. Please disregard everything you heard in that conversation. --Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator